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We are Sinead and Tom and our 2 young boys. Sinead is originally from Cardiff and Tom is from Solihull.

Tom and I met when we were travelling in Australia in 2000 and our passion for travelling and having adventures has been strong since. Having children made us rethink how we could travel and experience new adventures in ways that better encompassed us as a family, as we found travelling over continents with two young, lively kids (and the colossal amount of organising/packing that involved) just too stressful – for all of us.

After thinking about what we really wanted, how we could get our adventure fix and what would be a great environment for our children, Tom left his job as a Forensic Scene Investigator, Sinead didn’t go back to teaching foreign adults English and in August 2016, we bought our home, with 3 beautiful acres of land, 10 minutes from the spectacular Cardigan Bay coast, in Ceredigion, to set up an eco-glamping business.

Not any old glamping business though: one which makes it easier to holiday outdoors by creating a place to stay that is unique and exciting and has just the right amount of luxury. On a site so much more than a field in the middle of nowhere. A site where you can immerse yourself in our great Welsh outdoors and all the nature we have on our doorstep (one of the most beautiful being our wild red kites that often fly overhead). Where young ones can roam free, make friends and tire themselves out and older ones can relax, switch off and connect with each other. And, not have to lug colossal amounts of stuff with you!

We are loving life here in West Wales, and having the opportunity to explore our amazing new area, encounter new people, try new activities, discover the wildlife, and learn how do many new things, such as growing our own vegetables (cauliflowers? Never again!) and building tree bogs (who knew we’d spend so much time trying to work out how big the, all important, hole to the ground below needs to be!), brings us the variety and adventure we crave.

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