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We've just upped our game here at Wild Wellingtons

It's a fact: we have rainy days here in the UK (contrary to belief though we really don't have more rainy days here in West Wales than many other places in the UK - that's 'mountainous' Wales (mountains cause clouds to form, clouds mean rain but that's a whole other blog!) like Snowdonia or the Brecon Beacons.

Wild Wellingtons is a glamping site, glamping sites are special, special glamping sites need campfires for cooking, toasting marshmallows, sitting around and having a beer, strumming a guitar and singing next to (not kumbaya!), dancing around (not naked - sorry) and generally just sitting and staring into. We thought "if we can't do this then we just can't be a special glampsite". "What the hell can we do about this" we thought.

Then on a mad whim it came to us: buy a Hansel and Gretel style log cabin and use it specifically as a communal barbecue lodge, so that's what we did and it'll be up in March! Yes, it's twee and possibly kitsch but it's also cute, large enough to fit a dozen people and most importantly our guests will have their campfire/barbecue experience, even when it rains. Yay, we're back on the road to ensuring our whole glamping experience will be a special one.

Hansel & Gretel barbecue

Communal barbecue space

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