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Next Big Project at Wild Wellingtons

We're already thinking about our next project and even though there are enough things to finish before we open on 30th March, we're always one step ahead thinking "what's next for Wild Wellingtons?". Well, what's next is to convert our Hut On The Hill which translates in Welsh to Cwt Ar Y Bryn.

Cwt Ar Y Bryn Shepherd's Hut

Cwt Ar Y Bryn because it's, obviously, on a little hill and so higher up than the rest of our glamping site. It has amazing views of the vast Welsh countryside which fills the horizon in front of Wild Wellingtons (one of the main reasons we bought the site) and is nestled in its own little corner with fields on all sides. It faces south and gets the sun most of the day; perfect for a private sitting area outside where people can chill, eat, cook and have open fires.

It's a little like a shepherd's hut and we want to keep that charm, but we'll be getting rid of the UPVC windows and adding bigger, bi-fold doors to ensure the views can be seen from inside: I'm obsessed with encompassing the views wherever we can so guests really get to experience our wonderful environment and the wildlife we have.

Cwt Ar Y Bryn peeping through the trees

Cwt Ar Y Bryn will have a separate sleeping area and will sleep 4 people. We're thinking of having a Welsh theme for the decor, but nothing naff, though I did toy with the idea of having a Tom Jones theme with a life-size cut out of Tom to welcome people through the door and a record player with a stash of Tom's greatest hits, which as we know are countless :) but my Tom, who can't all, reined me in, so we'll be having traditional Welsh prints on the fabrics, materials such as slate and local wood and maybe some modern versions of Welsh icons such as a daffodil or love spoon here and there. A mini wood burner will makes things cosy; we've sourced a lovely, hand made one for the camp kitchen this week that'll we also buy for Y Cwt.

I've just been sorting out the pricing for our booking site, so Cwt Ar Y Bryn should be on the website soon. We'll also keep you up to date with its progress.

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