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Why mid season is a great season to glamp at Wild Wellingtons.

Our first season open at Wild Wellingtons has been a great experience for us and lovely guests have left lovely reviews. We’ve learnt that just as guests’ holiday experience is made better by friendly and attentive (though not too attentive!) owners, we too have loved having guests who have enjoyed their time with us and understand what we’re trying to do here on our glamping site.

Now peak season is over, we’re into our mid season and things have quietened down after the mad summer rush. West Wales is already feeling just that little more relaxed, unhurried and peaceful. We’re still at the tail end of summer and more often than not in this country we have wonderful Indian summers full of warm days before autumn comes our way. As well as the chance of good weather, seas are also warmer at this time of year. Beaches and restaurants are quieter, giving space to breathe and just be. Another, great, positive to this time of year is that our prices are cheaper – so mid-season is win win.

It feels like it’s the last chance to get away before autumn turns to winter and all the preparations for Christmas (sorry for the mention!!) begin. Evenings may get cooler but that’s the perfect excuse for cwtching* up with loved ones, lighting a fire, nestling in a pile of blankets, toasting marshmallows, chatting, playing games (I thoroughly recommend our latest game Dobble – all ages can play and it’s get very competitive, especially when our 5 year old, who we’ve been letting win every other game, actually starts beating us game after game!) and waiting for the stars to come out in our big, wide, dark, Welsh skies - you can actually see the milky way where we are and the other week we saw a dozen or so shooting stars in one evening, it was magical.

Guests have told us that they’ve reconnected with partners and kids, and have felt calmer and more relaxed than they have in a while (our fab beds have even cured 2 guests’ backache 😊 ) and we think that’s down to switching off and tuning in with ourselves and each other. Not to be left out or forgotten, friends often need to reconnect from time to time too, so some timeout with friends is great at this time of year.

West Wales is beautiful and unspoilt and great to explore, but so many guests have stayed on site rather than going out as they’ve loved it here (we now have their reviews to read on Google and Facebook). When telling us he was going to stay on site the next day, one guest said, “we’re sometimes so busy doing, that we forget to just ‘be’ where we are” and that resonated with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your case, bring wellies and a sunhat, your favourite games, books and bottle of wine and make your way over to us in Ceredigion to treat yourselves to some walks by the sea and some cwtch time, whoever that may be with.

*Urban Dictionary definition of cwtching (my favourite Welsh word)

“Snuggling and cuddling and loving and protecting and safeguarding and claiming, all rolled into one.” “A cwtch creates a private safe place in a room or two people’s hearts. Cwtching is a strong affection made manifest and can apply to lovers, or a parent and child.”

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