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A new dome for Wild Wellingtons?

We saw this beautiful glass geo-dome advertised on a Facebook buy and sell site a couple of weeks ago. It was over an hour away, inland, from where we are on the coast and Tom and I were both really busy but we thought it an opportunity not to be missed. We were told there were 2 or 3 windows broken and it needed a clean but we thought we could manage that and it would fit in perfectly with our glamping site and the domes we have, so we thought the drive would be worth it. We dropped everything and went.

On the way we sat in the car feeling all excited and imagined all sorts of uses for it on our site: a coffee and cake corner; kiddies crafting dome; a reading nook; star gazing dome etc. Our excitement was rising.

When we arrived the lady selling (who was at work) had told us to make our own way into the garden and this is the dome we saw:

REALITY CHECK!! There were close to 7 or 8 windows broken, it was a lot smaller than the photo in the advert and it was concreted in place so getting it out would be fraught. We sloped off home dejectedly, both of us very quiet in the car. I suggested we stop off in lovely Newport for lunch to raise our spirits. We sat down and as the lady who took our order walked away, we looked at each other and started sniggering before absolutely cracking up - how stupid had we been? We naively forgot the saying "if it's too good be true then it probably is"!!!

We have no regrets though. It could have been an awesome find, it could have been the icing on our glamping cake, so we took a chance and in going for it we felt excited, daring, mad and full of possibilities. Being the people we are and loving those feelings that everything is possible is the reason why we gave up everything and packed off to West Wales to start a glamping site in the first place! :)

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